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Welcome the, the place for all things internet!

We provide friendly, quality internet access.
0845 dial-up, without having to register.
Broadband and 56k internet access for home and office.

In Leominster and the surrounding area we...

Supply and install internet access to homes and offices.
Sell computer hardware, software and upgrades.
Fix computers and solve can solve almost any PC problem.
Install wired and wireless networks!

Throughout the UK we...

Provide dial-up and broadband internet access.
Provide discounted phone calls and line rental.
Sell new and used hardware and software.



0845 Dial-Up

NO Registration Needed!

0845 0884305

Username: isp@dialup
Password: connect
Technical Support: 0871 4343996



Many companies offer discounted phone calls, but what makes us different is that we even offer discounted phone line rental as well!!

Call us for no-obligation chat!


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